Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What is Mage Gaming?

Well after yesterday's cheesy introduction I decided to tell a little more about what I plan on doing here, but first introductions. I'm Z00q0001 (aka zooqooo but a lot of people just call me zoo) active on Xbox live and a couple different internet forums. I love to game and I have an Xbox 360, Wii, an old DS and a shoe of a computer (no PS3). You may have noticed that the posts are copywrite Energy Plumber Productions, that is an old failed machinima company of mine that was going to make a show but never got around to it, however I still use it as my 'business' moniker.
Here on Mage Gaming I'm going to talk about several different topics. My posts will be daily (though later I might make them weekly) and discuss topics like game genres, game development theory and maybe review a game or two. Not AAA titles mind you, but rather XBLA and indie developments.
My first 'real' post will be on genres and will be posted either today or tommorow, I hope to see some followers by then

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