Monday, June 27, 2011

My First Monday

Well one week on the internet and my blog is still going... not much of an accomplishment now that I think about it... I'm sort of sad now.

But not really because I have great news Team Fortress 2 if free to play on steam, there is literally no reason to not jump on this. I'm going to have to buy a gaming PC just to play TF2, but even if it is free to play, go ahead and buy some weapons (and yes hats) in the digital store, Valve deserves it, they don't make anything other than joy (except for yes again hats [and terrible release schedules but no one holds that against them cause the games are always worth it]). The new TF2 promo video is out too (even though it really isn't a promo because the game is already out) Meet the Medic is one of the longer meet the team videos by Valve and if you haven't seen it or any of the other meet the team videos go over to RIGHT NOW!!!

Also remember that if you would like to contact me in a way other than leaving a comment just send your email to, I have gmail open all the time so I am sure to respond promptly

That's it for now, normal blogs resume tomorrow

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Genre: Can We Really Apply This?

Hack 'n slash adventure sandbox... not something you want to write out every time you define Assassins' Creed; however useful, it may be it may be too cumbersome of a title to be used for a categorizing term like a genre. But is it really without merit? Have we been talking about genre all this time only to create something that we can't use? In short, no; this new genre system is still useful even if you can't use it as a genre, it creates a vocabulary for gaming,  something important for any medium, especially a growing one like gaming. But even then, can't we use it for genre at all?

Our current genre system is not terrible (save for the vague action-adventure genre that needs to be redefined to maintain usefulness) and it does fulfill it's purpose as a way to group like games together, but to go back to our reoccurring example there needs to be a differentiation between Creed and Red Dead. Is it possible to use the specific system as sub-genres?